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More than just your own whitelabel loyalty app

Pocketshop is your OWN digital app presence

Our solutions for digitizing your business channels, customer reach and customer relationships with our Pocket Store white label solution

Customer Loyalty

The digital loyalty program allows users to collect valuable points by scanning invoices or checking in at the store. The points can then be exchanged for valuable rewards. This keeps the customer coming back to the store and it also increases customer satisfaction.

Digital Sales Room

Present your products or services in a variety of categories. This means customers can browse through the offerings, ask questions and leave reviews from anywhere. An optional ordering process makes it possible to order and even buy.

Direct Communication

A digital presence makes it possible to communicate directly with customers, even when they are on the move. Whether offers, events, competitions or news, the customer always stays informed through notifications. This creates attention and increases customer frequency.

Personalized Advertisement

Tailored advertising makes it possible to address specific target groups. With user consent, you can create incentives via email or SMS to bring customers who have been away for a longer period of time back to the store.

A separate app for everyone, all for one thing: customer loyalty


Interactive shop windows

Provide further information using a barcode on the shop window


Mini-games increase interaction with the company and improve mood

Did you know that it costs five times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones?


Retain customers in the long term with your own app

From just €99 per month you get your own app for Android & iOS to reach your customers outside of the company. It already includes great functions such as news and notifications so that you can reach your customers outside of the store at any time.


The entry into digital loyalty
99 Monat
  • Own App
  • Loyalty program
  • News
  • Notifications

Happy Clients


The mobile whitelabel loyalty solution for Android, iOS & Web

All-In-One App Solution

Customer loyalty is worth it: It costs five times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers.

In this day and age, you can’t afford to miss out on the digital marketplace. But software development is not readable, especially for many companies. This is exactly where we want to start with Pocketshop. With a customizable W-App (web + app) presence, we want to enable companies to increase their reach through digital channels and thus increase sales.

All in one App Lösung

3 Plattforms

80 Screens

Thousands lines of code

Our Team

The team behind Pocketshop, small but mighty and ready for any app.


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With Pocketshop you can reach the user wherever they are - anywhere and at any time

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