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The digital sales room allows your customers to browse through your product range even outside of business hours

Loyalty Program

Collect points by scanning invoices and exchange them for great rewards


Presentation of locations, opening times and contact information

Interactive shop windows

Captivate customers in front of the shop window using barcodes and product scanners


Reach customers everywhere using notifications and inform them about new things

Digital leaflets

No more expensive advertising, just present the offer directly in the app

We all love the comfort of our local bakery – the smell of fresh bread, the warmth of a croissant. But what if you could make your customers’ experiences even better?

Introducing the all in one Pocketshop Whitelabel Loyalty App – tailored for bakeries. Here’s why Pocketshop is a game changer:t

1. Digital Loyalty Cards – Say goodbye to old paper cards that get lost. Customers earn digital stamps with each purchase, leading to delightful rewards. 

2. Personalized Promotions – Send targeted deals directly to your customers’ phones. Got a new pastry? Let them be the first to know!
3. Online Pre-ordering – No more morning rush? Customers can now pre-order and pay through the app. Freshly baked goodies, ready upon arrival.
4. Insights and Analytics – Understand what your customers love most, and when they love it. This means you can tailor your offerings and maximize your sales.

 Pocketshop is more than just your own app. It’s a way to connect, engage, and reward your loyal customer base. It’s the future of local bakeries.

Join the future. Make every visit count. Bring Pocketshop to your bakery today!